Tip 2 – Grammar tips for writers – words that are easy to mix up – Effect and Affect.

Tip 2 – Grammar tips for writers – words that are easy to mix up – Effect and Affect.

ties for grammar tipsEffect – This word is a noun (to cause a result) or a verb (when it means to make something happen).  For example when used as a noun: The difference in her after she became a teacher had a good effect on her life.

For example when used as a verb: The Scientist hoped he could effect an outcome for the experiment.

Affect – This word is a verb (to influence). For example: How well will this blog post affect my understanding of these words?

Letters from Kindergarten children in New York – The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray

The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray. I received these letters from some kindergarten children in New York who read my first children’s book, The Scared Scarecrow. They touch my heart in so many ways.

The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray

1/ I like your book, I like it when the Scarecrow gets scared.
2/ Your book was really nice, I liked it when the home barn turned into a scary house.
letters from children in ny

Gorgeous – Fushi reading my novel – A Love to Remember.

One of my readers has sent me this exquisite photo of her dog with my novel. Gorgeous.

When the truth is told……………. Lucy Pembrooke is hoping to leave her cheating husband and her past behind. Leaving her plastic surgeon husband Thomas Pembrooke and returning to her stepmother’s home was not what she bargained for. But she hadn’t planned on meeting the drop dead gorgeous, Christian Black an internationally bestselling author, on her first day back at her childhood home. Christian has painful memories of his own past… A past he has blocked out for a long time. Could the attraction between Lucy and Christian be enough to change their future? #romance #love #readers

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