Children’s Birthday Cakes – A Doll – very easy recipe and decoration

Children’s birthday cake – A Doll – very easy recipe and decoration.

You need:

Approx 1.5 metres or more pink ribbon and approx 1 metre white ribbon

Dolly Varden Cake tin

Children’s Doll

Basic Butter Cake Mix Recipe

Soft butter icing mixed in pink food colouring

One packet small pink marshmallows


elastic band


Putting it all together:

Once you have baked the basic butter cake mix in the Dolly Varden Cake tin.  Place the bottom on a plate and cool.

Once the cake it cooled cut out a round hole in the middle of the cake to fit the doll in.  Place the doll inside.

Wrap pink ribbon around the doll until it is half covered.  Tie a bow behind the doll’s back.  Wrap the white ribbon around the bottom of the doll.  Use sellotape or sticky tape to secure the ribbon in place.

Get the elastic band and pull the dolls hair back.  Use the sellotape or sticky tape to secure the hair.  Or a tiny bit of hair spray.

Next get a dinner knife and spread the soft butter icing thickly all over the skirt of the doll until fully covered.  Once completed

take out the marshmallows and place all over the bottom of the skirt.

Tip:  The best part about this cake is you can make it the night before the birthday and refrigerate the icing solid this way.

children's birthday cake


Green Tree Frog Spike rides in on his nature raft.

green tree frog

Afternoon mist at the Glasshouse Mountains

When Captain James Cook sailed around the coastline of Australia, he came to a spot which is now named the Sunshine Coast.  As he looked across the land he saw mountains in the distance to him they looked like Glasshouses.  Today, these mountains are the Glasshouse Mountains.  Here is a photograph I took from Mary Cairncross Parks that gives you an idea of what James spotted from the coastline.glasshouse mountains

Coconut Health Slice

Only using four ingredients you can whip these up in no time.

You will need some sort of instrument to ground up the sunflower seeds.  Mortar and Pestle or Food processor or the side of a kitchen knife.

Coconut Health Food Bars


One half cup of sunflower seeds

One cup of ground sesame seeds

One half cup of organic honey

One cup of organic dessicated coconut

Method:  Take out a saucepan.  Pour the honey inside, bring to the boil very slowly and gently.  Do this for approximately two minutes.  Next stir in the sunflower, sesame seeds and coconut.  Mix it all together.  Once mixed pour into a biscuit/cookie baking tin.  Leave to cool in the refrigerator, once cooled cut into bars.



Henry and the Bear by K.M.Gray and L.E.Gray

Welcome to the world of Archie the Bear.

#Join Archie the Polar Bear and a small boy Henry. Archie is a bear book for the 21st century. Archie the Polar Bear first contacted Henry by email. He had been looking for a place to visit, to get away from the Arctic cold. He came out of Henry’s printer and was welcomed with open arms. Henry took him on many adventures

To find a copy of Henry and the Bear in paperback and ebook book please click on the link below:

Henry and the Bear by K.M.Gray and L.E.Gray



How to create your goals?

How to create your goals?

I have always found the easiest way to manifest goals is firstly to think about them. Secondly, to write them down and thirdly to visualise them. At the beginning of each year I write a list of 10 goals in my journal. I do not look at them until the following year. I have achieved a 90 percent success rate doing this. Any of the goals I don’t achieve I roll them into the next year. They are not all massive goals. One might say to only speak kindly of others or another might be learn how to make garlic prawns. The list is always a mixture of big dreams and smaller dreams. Bless all of you on the path of goal setting and dream building.

Here’s looking at you!

Here's looking at you!


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