Simple tasty easy Chocolate Cake with cocoa

Simple tasty easy Chocolate Cake with cocoa

This ‘little baby’ cake super scrumptious soft and subtle but best of all simple to bake.  In less that 45 minutes whip it up and bake it.  When finished scoff it down and you will never frown.  Yummmmm.

Chocolate Cake 101

230 grams self-raising flour

130 grams caster sugar

120 grams unsalted butter (soft)

100 grams lite sour cream

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 a cup of brewed coffee

3 tablespoons cocoa mix in a cup with a little boiling water to make a paste

2 room temperature eggs

Preheat oven to 180 celsius or 350 fahrenheit.

Place all ingredients in a bowl except the eggs.  Whip first with a folk making sure all ingredients are combined.  Then add the eggs and beat.  Once ready and slightly squishy.  Spray your square 8 inch cake tin with some olive oil spray and cut a piece of baking paper to the shape of the square place inside.  Then pour the mixture into the tin.  Place in the preheated oven and bake for approximately 45 minutes.  When ready take out of the oven and place on a cooling rack.  (take the baking paper off the bottom slowly).  Once cooled chocolate icing is grand or a bit of whipped cream is easy (doesn’t last as long as icing).  Chocolate icing 200 grams soft icing sugar, 20 grams cocoa (placed in a cup and mixed with a little boiling water to make a paste), add some butter and a tiny bit of milk if required, a dash of vanilla essence is lovely as well.  Beat it all up until firm and spread with a knife or whatever else takes your fancy.

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