Making Real Lemonade

Making Real Lemonade

Remember when children used to set up a stall and sell real lemonade.  On a recent holiday to Suffolk Park in New South Wales just passed Byron Bay I noticed two young children doing this.  I thought wow haven’t seen that for ages.  Were they getting some holiday money as due to the GFC their parents have downsized and no holiday spending money is available or were they just genuinely wanting us all to have the opportunity to quench our thirst on a hot summer’s day.  Or none of those things – just wanting to have some fun, fun, fun in the sun…


3-4 unwaxed lemons, 125 grams caster sugar, filtered water, ice cubes, lemon slices

Cut lemons into quarters and put in food processor with 40 grams of sugar, 150 ml filtered water, so the lemons are three quarters covered, combine into mush, strain in a sieve into a jug.  Add more sugar repeat process.  Taste add more sugar if needed.  Put into a jug, add some ice cubes and lemon slices and pour in some water.

Suffolk Park – pretty picturesque perfect

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