Stephen King

Stephen King

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”  Stephen King

How true is that when you are about to start anything. We started watching a documentary on Woody Allen’s life last night. He was/is a shy writer who was pushed into the limelight of performing.  Like most writers, shy people. They always tell you to be a successful writer you need to market. It is one of life’s great contradictions. To write you need to go in and be introspective to lock yourself away to write, think and do. Once the work is completed, you must be a total extrovert. A ‘show pony’ as Morris Gleitzman said in an interview. He also said most writers find this extremely uncomfortable. It is taking yourself and producing a mask – a different persona. Some writers manage it. Some writers are just lucky and their work sells anyway.  Most have to undertake marketing in some form or another. Be kind to writers – most are ‘shy’ people.

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