Haggis Scottish

Haggis Scottish

Traditional Scottish Fare – Robert Burns immortalised in Poetry

The first time I had Haggis was in North Berwick in Scotland.  It was an interesting flavour.  Not sure whether I could eat it daily :).  If you feel like trying a bit of Scottish tradition and history.  This is a classic Haggis recipe.

1 Sheep’s bag and pluck (Offal – heart, liver and lungs)

230 grams pinhead oatmeal

230 grams minced suet (raw beef or mutton fat)

4 level tablespoons of salt

2 level teaspoons of pepper

4 medium sized blanched onions

1 level teaspoon of mixed herbs

Wash the bag in cold water, clean it well and leave it overnight in the fridge with a little salt.  Wash the pluck, put in a pan of boiling water with the wind pipe hanging out.  When cold cut off the wind pipe, grate the liver, mince the heart, suet and onions.  Toast the oatmeal then add along with salt, pepper, herbs and one pint of liquid in which the pluck was boiled.  Mix well.  Fill the bag more than half full.  Sew up the bag and place in boiling water, boil for three hours and prick it occasionally to keep from bursting.  Spoon filling out.  Serve with vegetables.  Just a small portion on each plate.

4 thoughts on “Haggis Scottish

  1. I am just learning the art of scottish cooking as my mother in law made a visit and brought back to scottish cookbooks for me. I am curious I am seeing in several recipes including your haggis… ethat is calls for mixed herbs… I am not sure what those are specifically. Can you be specific so I know what to buy? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Thank you for the question. Mixed herbs consist of Thyme, Rosemary, Majoram, Basil, Oregano and Sage.
      You can either buy fresh herbs and mix a bunch together or you can buy store brought packets of mixed herbs or buy
      a combination of mixed herbs premixed,
      Happy Cooking

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