My Moreish Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Two parts of making a Caesar salad have always annoyed me, so me being me, I came up with a quick and easy solution.  Buy these two ingredients.  The first is I always buy the ready-made caesar croutons (I used to cut up the bread and cook it until crisp or roast up some tiny potatoes just to be cute.)  Now I just buy them so easy.  The second part of the caesar I ‘outsourced’ LOL. is the sauce.  I buy Cardini’s caesar sauce and all the stress lifts from making a quick and moreish delicious Caesar salad.


1-2 baby cos lettuces

1 packet free range middle bacon

Cardini’s Original Caesar Dressing

1/3 of the circle of the best quality camembert cheese you can find

Shaved parmesan I use millet

1/4 – 1/2 Spanish or red onion

2 free range or organic eggs

1 packet of caesar croutons

4 free range skinless chicken thighs

Method:  Take out large white or glass serving bowl.  Wash cos lettuce and chop lengthways into quarters.  Place evenly around bowl.  Bake skinless chicken thighs on 175 degrees celsius or 350 degrees fahrenheit for around 30 minutes.  Once cooked and slightly cooled cut into large chunky pieces to place in the salad.  Cut bacon into quarters and cook bacon in olive oil,  boil the eggs until hard in a saucepan.  Once the bacon is cooked toss into the salad.  Once the eggs are cooked drain the boiling water, replace with cold water wait until slightly cooled peel and chop in halves and put on a separate plate.  Now add the croutons, shaved parmesan and cut the camembert into chunky slices and toss into the salad.   Now place the eggs on top and pour the caesar dressing.  Serve immediately on its own or with a scrumptious dessert afterwards like apple strudel and light cream that I did tonight.

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