Shortbread – To be sure, To be sure

Shortbread – To be sure, To be sure


What would life be without shortbread especially at Christmas time.  No crunchy bits of hard biscuit/cookies to wrap your teeth around and enjoy.  Quick to whip up and baking takes awhile but once you take a bite you will always have a smile.


450 grams plain flour

pinch of salt

200 grams rice flour

30 grams cornflour

230 grams castor sugar

500 grams butter (make sure you take it out of the fridge and allow to become slightly soft before using).   If you want it to be lighter use 50 grams of nuttelex and 450 grams of butter.


Preheat the oven to 125 degrees celsius or 190 degrees fahrenheit.  Take out a large baking bowl this recipe makes up to 50 depending on the cutters you use.  Sift all ingredients into the bowl except the butter.  Take out a wooden spoon and give the whole mixture a good stirring up and mix it well together.  Now add the butter, knead the butter until the whole recipe is slightly firm.  Kneading is just rubbing the butter into the mixture until fully absorbed using your hands.   A movement like playing the piano, except you brush your thumbs across your hands in the mixture.  Now take portions of the mixture and put onto a wooden chopping board or bench.  Use a rolling pin, roll out the mixture until it is flat and about 1 and 1/2 cm in thickness or thicker if you want to.  Use biscuit/cookie cutters and cut various shapes.  I used reindeer, christmas tree, stars and hearts for Christmas.  Use an egg flip carefully placed the cut out shapes onto a greased baking tray.  Grease with butter and plain flour.   Place in preheated oven for approx.  35-40 minutes until slightly golden.

Once ready place onto cooling rack.  If you like you can decorate them a little.  I used store brought white icing.  I draw around the outside with white chocolate and for Rudolph’s nose put a tiny bit of pink food colouring into a plastic cup.  Then I dipped the tip of the icing into the food colouring and quickly placed a drop on the reindeer’s nose.  You only need to dip it once.

2 thoughts on “Shortbread – To be sure, To be sure

  1. Toni Trainor

    What a great idea. I try and make little gifts for friends who don’t do baking. These shortbread biscuits would be just perfect for Christmas. Bagged and tied with a bow… With love. Thank you.

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