What Anniversary is that? Choosing the Anniversary Gift – Traditional to Modern

Anniversary Gifts. I am always asking people what anniversary gift is this or that?  Then a friend gave me a list she had from her Grandmother.  Here it is.  This is fantastic as it gives both the traditional and Modern gifts.

ANNIVERSARY what gift is that?

I will list the traditional first and then the modern.  I have added some anecdotes just for fun after some.


1st – paper   (making paper planes)

2nd – cotton  (darn the socks)

3rd – leather  (ummm)

4th – fruit/flowers (the year you buy your first house)

5th – wood  (when you start extending it)

6th – sweets/iron  (when you get rid of the ironing lady)

7th – brass/copper

8th – bronze/pottery  (lots of tea parties)

9th – pottery/willow

10th – tin (watch out tin man)

11th – steel  (and the bridges beware)

12th – linen/silk

13th – lace

14th – gold jewellery

15th – crystal

20th – china  wow a whole country 🙂

25th – silver

30th – pearl

35th – coral

40th – ruby

45th – sapphire

50th – gold

55th – emerald

60th – diamond  (worth waiting for as Marilyn succinctly put it, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”)

75th – diamond


1st   Time Pieces (for time travelling in the modern world)

2nd  China (wow a whole country in the second year)

3rd  Crystal/Glass (to see through the looking glass)

4th  Electrical Goods (so romantic – drills for the house maintenance) or a toaster?

5th  Silverware

6th Wood (for the house extensions)

7th Stationery

8th Manchester (the sheets have spoken)

9th Leather (ummm twice)

10th Diamond (you have to give it earlier in the modern age to keep the marriage going)

11th Jewellery (bring it on)

12th Pearls (bring it on again)

13th Textiles/furs

14th Gold Jewellery

15th Watches (What for?)

20th  Platinum (like a rockstar)

25th  Silver

30th Diamond (fantastic always take the modern gift)

35th Jade

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire (this one sounds good)

50th Gold (eureka)

55th Emerald (more ideas from the Wizard of Oz)

60th Diamond

75th Diamond

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