Eggs on Spinach – Recipes with Eggs – Great for snacks – Meals in a hurry

Eggs on Spinach –  Recipes with Eggs – Great for snacks, Meals in a hurry

As we are all so busy – we like quick and easy recipes.  Here is the first of five little recipes with eggs.  The old-fashioned belief was that as long as you had a dozen eggs you could always feed your family.

Eggs on Spinach

2 handfuls of spinach

2 poached organic or free range eggs

Good quality hollandaise sauce or mayonnaise or cheese sauce

Take spinach put a dessertspoonful of olive oil in the frypan place on medium heat, mark 4, once slightly heated, put spinach leaves in until wilted.  Have another frypan boil the water once the water is nearly boiled place two eggs in the water and turn the heat off.  The eggs will cook nicely in the water and then splash a little of the water over the eggs to make sure the top is cooked.  (This will make a nice cooked soft poached egg).  If you would like the eggs harder put the mark down to two and leave a little longer cooking until the yokes are hard).

Place the spinach of two plates, then one egg on each bed of spinach leaves and cover with hollandaise, mayonnaise or cheese sauce.


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