Great-Grandmother’s Plum Pudding

Great-Grandmother’s Plum Pudding

plum pudding 1

“There she blows” – reference to the superb novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville.  Whales never cease to fill me full of wonderment.   Now here she goes this is the first of my Christmas Recipes it is long.   I will be combining easy and more complicated recipes and alternative recipes like vegetarian options.


375 grams unsalted butter, or nuttelex

250 grams (2 cups) self-raising flour

1 teaspoon of nutmeg

1 teaspoon of mixed spice

500 grams (3 cups) currants

500 grams (23/4 cups) sultanas

1 kilogram (5 and a half cups)  raisins (no seeds)

125 grams (2/3 cup) of mixed peel

1 large organic carrot grated

1 organic cooking apple, grated

60 grams (2 tablespoons) of chopped almonds

375 grams (6 cups) soft white breadcrumbs

125 grams (2/3 cup) of brown sugar

6 organic or free range eggs

125 mls (1/2 cup) brandy

125 mls (1/2 cup) stout

grated rind and juice of 1 orange

Method:  Take out a saucepan, melt butter or nuttelex over very low heat.  Take a large sheet of greaseproof or baking paper – sift the flour, nutmeg and mixed spice onto the sheet.  Take out a large mixing bowl.  Mix the dry fruits – currents, raisins, sultanas, mixed peel, carrot, apples and almonds mix together with a wooden spoon, then add the breadcrumbs and sugar and combine.

Take out another bowl beat the eggs, brandy, stout, melted butter or nuttelex, orange rind and juice together then add to the mixed dried fruits bowl and combine.  Add the eggs and flour into mixture and combine well.  Take out a pudding cloth (canvas  cloth) – you can buy them online for approximately $2.00 or more.

Season the cloth with the nutmeg and spice.  Spoon the mixture into the pudding cloth and tie securely with string.  Place the pudding in a large saucepan of boiling water covering 3/4s of the pudding with water.  Cover and boil for 6 hours.  Check every 15 – 30 minutes and add more water to make sure it stays at 3/4s full.  I use the oven timer to remind me.  When completed lift the pudding out carefully.  Hang it up and air it for an hour or two.  Boil for another 2 hours on Christmas day.  If you like when you serve it hide some money in the pudding (wrap the money in foil first)

Flambe the pudding with brandy and serve with brandy sauce or serve with cream or custard.  Scrumptious.

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