Christmas Eve, Christmas Day by Lynda Gray (A Poem)

I wrote this poem in January.  Walking around the community talking to lots of Mothers and Grandmothers asking them about their Christmas Day and so many of them told me they breathed a sign of relief afterwards.  Being inquisitive, I asked them,  “Why?” The answer was the same, “The family all came sat down and they just ran around doing everything.”  This poem is for them.  I hope you get some light comic relief from it.  They certainly didn’t feel like the woman in this picture.

christmas eve poem for blog

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day   by Lynda Gray January 2014.


It was the eve of Christmas

As Mummy ran about

Baking the biscuits

While the family lay about


Her legs started aching

Her mouth went all dry

While the timer screamed

Bast the turkey or it will dry


The shortbread fell to pieces

The fruit cake burnt

The rum balls were soggy

The gingerbread house collapsed


Then Mummy decided

To go on strike, she lay down flat

Her legs stopped aching

Her happiness came back


The Christmas Day lunch

Was such a disaster

the dog turned his nose up

Daddy started boiling pasta


The family decided

It was time to take turns

No more would Mummy

Carry the full burn.




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