Easy Vegetarian Beans

Easy Vegetarian Beans

sausages and beans1


1 packet of bbq vegetarian sausages

1 425 gram tin of baked beans

1/2 teaspoon of curry powder

2 onions (chopped)

1/4 of a cup of tomato sauce

Tiny bit of tabasco sauce (optional)

Method:  Take out frying pan, fry sausages in olive oil on medium heat. Take out of pan once cooked.  Add to pan, chopped onions with curry powder and tabasco.  While cooking slice the sausages around 5 cm in thickness and then add to the cooked onions in the pan.  Mix in baked beans and tomato sauce.  Once heated remove from pan and serve with wholemeal thick toast and a garden salad.

(Easy garden salad:  mixed lettuce leafs (rocket, iceberg and oak leaf – the fluffy lettuce, tomatoes, spanish onion, cheese, avocado)  Balsamic Vinegar to dress if desired.


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