Koala – Mother and Baby – Poem by Lynda Gray

front cover


I am a Koala by Lynda Gray


A big fluffy eating and sleeping


I sleep all day and eat for some

Eighteen hours a day is what it

takes to have a nap

Wouldn’t you like to be me?

I live in Australia

And my relatives are Kangaroos and Wombats

I am not a bear, but I don’t despair

I am a Koala with a mighty bite


when eucalyptus leaves are in sight

I love to cause a racket

when it’s time to breed

only the males of me species do

this you see

The mother koalas have their babies

in a pouch for five months until they

get out



If it wasn’t for Herbert Hoover in 1927

You might not know me now

He stopped the trade of koala fur

Between the USA and Australia

And saved us from extinction

Now they have taken most of our


That we are not happy about

Hopefully the Koala foundation

Can help us all right now

It would be a sad day for Australia

If we weren’t around

being so super soft and cuddly

 crawling in the trees and on the ground.




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