Easy Trifle – Christmas Recipes

Easy Trifle – Christmas Recipes

trifle christmas











Jelly – Raspberry or Strawberry flavoured

Sponge Cake (bought or home-made) (or you can use mini raspberry swiss rolls or a pavlova base)

Vanilla Custard

Whipping Cream

Dark Chocolate (grate into flakes)

White Marshmallows (1 or 2 packets)

4 Flake Chocolate Bars

2 punnets of Strawberries

Method: Take out the bowl you are using to make the trifle in. Spoon the jelly into the bowl. Cut up the sponge cake into large chunks place them into the bowl. Pour the Vanilla custard over the mixture and then the cream. Next place the marshmallows into the mixture, then grate the dark chocolate flakes all over it. For the topping wash and cut the green off the strawberries – cut half the strawberries in half and leave the rest whole. Place on top. Then cut the flake chocolate bars into different lengths and place on top off the strawberries.




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