About Lynda Gray


Hello and welcome to my blog.

Lynda Gray has been in love with words most of her life. She graduated from University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business. She is the author of three contemporary romance books #A Love to Remember (her most popular romance), #A Change of Heart (medical romance) and her latest #Lost in Love (a contemporary romance). She has authored two children’s picture books, her most popular #The Scared Scarecrow, and #Wombat Dreaming. She has also co-authored #Henry and the Bear and #The Night the Penguins Came. Lynda lives in Australia, where she spends as much time as possible writing and drinking coffee, while being the family servant for her husband, two children and her chronically ill Mother.

Her children’s picture books.

23rd September kindle cover for the scared scarecrow jpeg ebook

Amazon Review – Awesome children’s book, 27th April, 2016.

Entertaining book with a great lesson for children. Wonderful illustrations! Highly recommend.


Amazon Review – A Great Story, 7th December 2015.

A gorgeous book with lovely illustrations. Great story; a new favourite for my 6 year old. Co-authored children’s picture books


Her three contemporary romance stories. Number four will be released soon.

Love Remember Ebook.jpg

Goodreads Review: Debbie Behan. It was amazing – December 15th, 2016.

If you’re looking for a lovely romance to rug up and read this is a must. I’m a hopeless romantic so enjoyed it thoroughly. Great read Lynda. #love #romance

Change Heart Thumb

Lynda Gray’s “A Change of Heart” is a fun, well-written medical romance that is sure to please fans of the genre. The story follows Guinevere Winter, a nurse having recently left Boston for a New York hospital. When she meets head cardiologist Dr. Jonathan Pike, her interest is piqued. Unfortunately, his traumatic romantic past gets in the way of him being open to a new relationship. Gray does an excellent job writing characters that are believable and dynamic, and the chemistry between Guinevere and Jonathan is done well, with lots of ups and downs. If you like medical romances, I’d highly recommend this book to you!

5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Intense Romance

on April 7, 2017
The storyline is awesome. With fantastic characters.
Lorenzo is a wealthy Italian merchant banker. He has just become the CEO of a Paris bank the Farrington-Pinault. Claudette is the head of securitization at the bank. She has just went through a tough break-up with her ex-boyfriend. When Lorenzo first sees her he is drawn to her. Claudette has never seen or met the new CEO of the bank so Lorenzo decides to play with her a bit by pretending to be someone else. The next day the truth comes out Claudette can not figure out why he did this. Then Claudette is sent with him to New York for a meeting to merge his bank with a New York one. They become even closer, but then Lorenzo is blackmailed into getting engaged to the New York banks owners daughter Sophie!. Only Lorenzo wants Claudette not Sophie. Will things work out for Lorenzo and Claudette? You will love this sweet, funny, and exciting romance. It is a must read book!











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