It’s only the beginning – my new novel


It is that time again when you begin a new novel. It is one of the most exciting times; plotting the story and deciding on characters. My first novella, A Love to Remember has been my most popular and thousands of my readers have been asking me for a sequel. Instead of doing this I have some EXCITING NEWS – no sequel but instead a saga. Lucy Pembrooke’s life story spanning three generations of her family. Instead of a novella, a rather large novel.

These questions from one of my reviews and many more will be answered.

I really hope Lynda Gray does a book two because I still have so many questions. I want to know how Thomas reacted? I want to know if Loretta and Tobias stay married, and of course I want to know what happens with Lucy, Christian and how her girls react to the newness of everything! Great job Lynda”

Lost in Love – A review – Lynda Gray

Sometimes in life, truly amazing things happen that make you feel over the moon. This is one of those moments. A review from Roxie’s Romance Reviews on amazon of my latest contemporary novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Intense Romance

on April 7, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
The storyline is awesome. With fantastic characters.
Lorenzo is a wealthy Italian merchant banker. He has just become the CEO of a Paris bank the Farrington-Pinault.
Claudette is the head of securitization at the bank. She has just went through a tough break-up with her ex-boyfriend. When Lorenzo first sees her he is drawn to her. Claudette has never seen or met the new CEO of the bank so Lorenzo decides to play with her a bit by pretending to be someone else. The next day the truth comes out Claudette can not figure out why he did this. Then Claudette is sent with him to New York for a meeting to merge his bank with a New York one. They become even closer, but then Lorenzo is blackmailed into getting engaged to the New York banks owners daughter Sophie!. Only Lorenzo wants Claudette not Sophie. Will things work out for Lorenzo and Claudette?.
You will love this sweet, funny, and exciting romance. It is a must read book!


Henry and the Bear – Kevin Gray

These three lovely children sent us a photograph of Kevin’s story, Henry and the Bear. It is so wonderful when children connect with the stories. How kind of them to write to us and send us this photograph. The story was illustrated by the talented Sarah May – from Sarah May design.

They loved the story. They thought it was WOW, AMAZING AND EXCELLENT!

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Henry and the Bear

Henry and the Bear by Kevin Gray

Henry and the Bear written by Kevin Gray and illustrated by Sarah May.

Did you hear? Wow – it is so exciting.

My husband’s first children’s picture book is now available on amazon and as a an ebook. The story came to me in a dream and my husband and I wrote it together.

The illustrations were beautifully created by Sarah May from Sarah May graphics.

Henry and Archie Bear first meet on the internet. Archie travels all the way from the Arctic to visit Henry. Archie’s visit changes Henry’s life forever. They go on lots of adventures and saying goodbye – is not the end, just the beginning of an ever lasting friendship. This book is the first in the series of Henry and Archie the bear. It is a modern tale of friendship between a boy and a bear. It is sure to delight readers from all over the world. #bear #children #picture #book

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Lost in Love by Lynda Gray

Lost in Love by Lynda Gray – My new contemporary romance is now available on amazon, and other bookstores.

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Here is a little about the story.

Lorenzo Ezzilini was a player, an extremely wealthy merchant banker with one goal: unbridled ambition. Leaving Italy to escape his family destiny and moving to Paris to the highest ranks in banking, was all he cared about. His past haunted him. Believing love and women would stand in his way, he never allowed himself to get close to anyone. Until he met Claudette Bornhorst. Claudette was nurturing her broken heart. Would the chemistry they felt when they were near each other be enough to bring them together, or would it be a fleeting fantasy? #romance #readers #contemporary #womensfiction