Vegetarian Christmas Turkey Fruit Platter and Thanksgiving Vegetarian Turkey

Vegetarian Christmas Turkey Fruit Platter and Thanksgiving Vegetarian Turkey

This is a quick easy platter to make to keep Christmas festive and healthy.  Mandarins, Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries, Boysenberries, Cheddar Cheese or Hard cheese and Black Grapes.

For the turkey itself:  Cut a pear in half, take the seeds out and a little of the core, use currants or raisins for the eyes, cut the nose and feet out with a hard cheese. Cut little bits out of the pear to place the eyes, nose and feet in.

Tip: you can use a little bit of dip or cream cheese to place in the holes to secure the raisins and cheese in place.


Wizard of Oz – Birthday Cake

The Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake – courtesy of the Cupcake Teahouse – Suzie Vella.

Our cake lady excelled herself with this incredible creation.

Charlotte's Wizard of Oz Cake birthday turning 6.

Merry Festive Season

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I want to wish all my followers and readers a fabulous, fun and frivolous
festive shindig. Thank you for supporting me. For anyone who has had their heart hurt this year. I leave you with this quote.
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Daddy Pig – Birthday Cake – From the Peppa Pig Series – Busy Mothers outsourcing birthday cakes

Daddy Pig Birthday Cake – Cupcake Teahouse at Buderim – Another superb cake from the Cupcake Teahouse. This one was made with a vanilla base and stevia instead of sugar nobody noticed the difference. They make the most delicious cakes.