A lovely story for the fall – The Scared Scarecrow

My first children’s picture book, The Scared Scarecrow received a glowing 5 star review. A lovely tale of a scared little scarecrow who lived on a farm. Children adore this tale.

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Since we are now into fall and all things pumpkin and scarecrow related, I was looking for a book that featured a scarecrow to read with my two grandchildren. This book was such a fun read with wonderful illustrations and a great story that kept even my two year old grandson sitting still as I read aloud. My granddaughter is 7 and this book worked well as she was able to read aloud sections with me.
As a retired teacher, this is a delightful read that I would have loved to have had in my classroom library. While we can enjoy a story about a scarecrow year around, this story was a perfect fit for a definitely autumn September day.

Letters from Kindergarten children in New York – The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray

The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray. I received these letters from some kindergarten children in New York who read my first children’s book, The Scared Scarecrow. They touch my heart in so many ways.

The Scared Scarecrow by Lynda Gray

1/ I like your book, I like it when the Scarecrow gets scared.
2/ Your book was really nice, I liked it when the home barn turned into a scary house.
letters from children in ny

Very exciting – The Scared Scarecrow – Kindle Version

To take a look at The Scared Scarecrow – Kindle Edition please press this link. I can do it! I can do it! The Scared Scarecrow can only stand still on his perch. When the farm is invaded with crows and rabbits, he is too scared to help the other scarecrows. Will he find his courage and save the farm? Filled with farmyard scenes and animal noises. Here is the Scared Scarecrow – a homage to the power of finding one’s inner strength and courage.   backcoveresample2