Have you ever wondered how organic farmers handle crop issues?

My new picture book is based on a true story about the organic farmers down the road. Since organic farmers don’t use pesticides to stop their crops being eaten, they have to find alternatives. One organic farmer found his solution to some unwelcome night-time visitors who were eating all his crops. His story was the beginning of a lightbulb moment for me, when the urge to create and write another children’s picture book began.

The story is complete and is now in the illustration stage. Here is my lovely illustrator Sarah May from Sarah May graphics hard at work making magic with my words.

Sarah May Graphics



Henry and the Bear – Kevin Gray

These three lovely children sent us a photograph of Kevin’s story, Henry and the Bear. It is so wonderful when children connect with the stories. How kind of them to write to us and send us this photograph. The story was illustrated by the talented Sarah May – from Sarah May design.https://www.facebook.com/sarahgraphicdesign06/

They loved the story. They thought it was WOW, AMAZING AND EXCELLENT!

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Henry and the Bear

Children’s Book: The Night the Penguins Came

My children wrote their first children’s picture book. Such an exciting moment in our lives. It is beautifully illustrated by Sarah May from Sarah May Design. It is available from many bookstores.

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Henry and Charlotte live a quiet life on the farm, until the night the penguins hatch. 101 penguins arrive and the entertainment begins. The children watch their every move running from room to room eating all the pizzas, dancing on the toothbrushes, and taking over the train room. The penguins have boundless energy. Exciting and playful times continue until the penguins fall asleep. The children want them to stay forever. What will Mummy, Daddy and Grandma do? This delightful children’s picture book is filled with adorable illustrations, madcap adventures and celebrates play, friendship and penguins. A must-have story for young children of all ages. #kindergarten #penguins #primary #preschool #values #friendship #funny #family

Illustrator: Sarah Graphic Design – find Sarah on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/sarahgraphicdesign06/

Henry and the Bear by Kevin Gray

Henry and the Bear written by Kevin Gray and illustrated by Sarah May.

Did you hear? Wow – it is so exciting.

My husband’s first children’s picture book is now available on amazon and as a an ebook. The story came to me in a dream and my husband and I wrote it together.

The illustrations were beautifully created by Sarah May from Sarah May graphics.

Henry and Archie Bear first meet on the internet. Archie travels all the way from the Arctic to visit Henry. Archie’s visit changes Henry’s life forever. They go on lots of adventures and saying goodbye – is not the end, just the beginning of an ever lasting friendship. This book is the first in the series of Henry and Archie the bear. It is a modern tale of friendship between a boy and a bear. It is sure to delight readers from all over the world. #bear #children #picture #book

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Henry and the Bear Cover.jpg


A note from a New York Kindergarten

A note from a New York Kindergarten. I received this beautiful note about my children’s story, Wombat Dreaming from a New York Kindergarten teacher, who read the story to her class. Wombat Dreaming is now a part of their classroom library. It was so sweet. All the students signed it.

kindergarten children new york1

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