How to create your goals?

How to create your goals?

I have always found the easiest way to manifest goals is firstly to think about them. Secondly, to write them down and thirdly to visualise them. At the beginning of each year I write a list of 10 goals in my journal. I do not look at them until the following year. I have achieved a 90 percent success rate doing this. Any of the goals I don’t achieve I roll them into the next year. They are not all massive goals. One might say to only speak kindly of others or another might be learn how to make garlic prawns. The list is always a mixture of big dreams and smaller dreams. Bless all of you on the path of goal setting and dream building.

Edgar Allan Poe – Happy Birthday

I love this quote by Edgar Allan Poe.  The Night Owl.  Most people are either sparrows or owls.  The sparrows wake up early and go to bed early.  Then there are the owls like me – who would love to stay up all night and sleep all day.

Happy Birthday Edgar.


Albert Einstein on the Intuitive Mind – Trust your first feeling.


Albert Einstein states this very succintly.  Trust your intuition.  Some people call it the whispers, others the signs.  So much is written today and how to be happy and how to seek happiness.  I believe happiness is very much dependant on external circumstances.  You cannot always be happy and you cannot always be sad.  A better goal is inner peace.  Listen to your heart to stay calm and peaceful in this busy world.