Henry and the Bear by Kevin Gray

Henry and the Bear written by Kevin Gray and illustrated by Sarah May.

Did you hear? Wow – it is so exciting.

My husband’s first children’s picture book is now available on amazon and as a an ebook. The story came to me in a dream and my husband and I wrote it together.

The illustrations were beautifully created by Sarah May from Sarah May graphics.

Henry and Archie Bear first meet on the internet. Archie travels all the way from the Arctic to visit Henry. Archie’s visit changes Henry’s life forever. They go on lots of adventures and saying goodbye – is not the end, just the beginning of an ever lasting friendship. This book is the first in the series of Henry and Archie the bear. It is a modern tale of friendship between a boy and a bear. It is sure to delight readers from all over the world. #bear #children #picture #book

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Anyone for a grape? – Rainbow Lorikeet

My first thought when I viewed this was the famous line from Julius Caesar, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…(Anyone for a grape?)”

The fabulous ravenous Rainbow Lorikeet.Friends, Romans, Countrymen...Anyone for a grape

Polar Bear

beartearemailpolar-bear-359264_1920Polar Bear – My husbands children’s picture book is about to published.

Henry and the Bear – Kevin Gray

(The beginning of the story).

Henry led a quiet life in the suburbs with his Mum and Dad. Sometimes he longed for a friend – not any sort of friend but a friend from another place.




A note from a New York Kindergarten

A note from a New York Kindergarten. I received this beautiful note about my children’s story, Wombat Dreaming from a New York Kindergarten teacher, who read the story to her class. Wombat Dreaming is now a part of their classroom library. It was so sweet. All the students signed it.

kindergarten children new york1

FrontCover To buy a copy of Wombat Dreaming press here